Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rested and Relaxed

I just got back from a really nice vacation to Hawaii. It was a birthday surprise from my sisters. It was amazing! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, we just never really had the money for it. So, for my birthday, I settled for a cruise to Vancouver since I had never been on a cruise either and wanted to experience it. Not to mention, it was a lot cheaper than a vacation to Hawaii. But on the day we were leaving for the port, or at least I thought we were going to the port, they sat me down and handed me a birthday note. They told me to read it out loud as my youngest sister video taped me. As I read, I saw a beautiful picture of clear blue water with a bunch of boats on it. I also saw a really nice hotel sitting looking out at this water filled with boats. I continued reading until I got to the part that said I would be spending the next four days in beautiful, beautiful Hawaii. I hit the ceiling!!!! I was so excited!

The view from my window

The beach 5 minutes from our hotel. You can see Diamond Head, an extinct volcanic crater, in the distance.

Cruising on the streets of Oahu

Wading in the beach

Watching a Sea Turtle from a inside a submarine

Polynesian Cultural Center: Canoe Pagent

A native Samoan teaching the crowd how to get milk from a coconut.

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