Monday, May 18, 2009

A dream of Mama

Lately, I have been having dreams of my mom. The dreams aren't spectacular or anything but she appears in them as if she were still living with us, dreams like I used to have before her passing. Last night I dreamed we were all visiting in Sudan. We were driving, sort of like on a road trip or something, and we went to visit Mamduha and her family. Sudan had changed! We were driving this ity bity car (we were quite squished with five people) and we passed by this really pretty beach. Mama wanted to stop and take a break, I guess to stretch her legs as she was in the back seat with my sisters. I wanted to stop too take some photos of the beautiful beach only for it to suddenly be filled with a bunch of tourist! then we went to some opera house for a show, though I can't remember what the show was going to be about. She didn't do much talking, but she was their, enjoying our company as we were enjoying hers. Interesting dream, but it was so nice having her around again.