Friday, April 22, 2011

Finally feeling like spring!

Wow, today finally felt like spring. The sun was out and shining bright. The sky was blue and the clouds were white. Not a gray sign of rain in sight. The village (what we call the university shopping center) was sprawling with color. The water fountains glistened in the sun, reflecting rays and filling the air with freshness. A gentle breeze carried the cool refreshing scent of spring from shop to shop. I spent my lunch break soaking up all the rays. It was so nice and such a wonderful break from the dreary gloom of rain filled cloudy days that makes Seattle so famous. It was the perfect day for a great activity to do with my toddler classroom. We made ICE CREAM!!! I was worried the ice would melt in the sun but our ice cream thickened and froze within 15 minutes. It was so fun eating ice cream out on our playground under the sun. It really made me miss my sunshine state! It was a great day. I was so happy as I left work. The sun does that to me :) With a spring in my walk and smiling ear to ear, I made my way to my car, a man passed by and said, "now that's a nice smile!" :D I honestly did not realize how wide a smile I had until he said that. But he had an equally big smile as well. I guess he was happy it was finally feeling like spring too! :D

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Difficult moments, seek Allah (SWT)

Quiet moments, worship Allah(SWT)

Painful moments, trust Allah (SWT)

Every moment, thank Allah (SWT)

Cherish yesterday, Dream tomorrow. Live today."