Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top Five!

It is cold and dreary tonight. The air is freezing, the night is dark. Rain, sleet and snow pour down on the city. You are holed up in your house, apartment, cottage, cabin or home. What are your top five activities you do on a night like this? It is hard to not feel depressed when it is cold and dark out, but I have been blessed to find different ways to keep myself occupied and put me in my comfort zone, even if the temp is low out and the only light is the light of my lamp.

So here are my Top Five!

1. sit in a comfy space with my pen and pad.
2. curl up in my bed and read books.
3. wrap up in blanket and watch a show.
4. curl up in my bed with nature music/nasheed/Qur'an
5. sip hot herbal teas with #' 1,2 and 3.