Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadan 1431: Day Two

Here is a gently reminder I received in the mail.

keep Allah subhanna wa taala in your hearts always and read - Iqra! each and everyday the
Holy Quran, no matter if it is one page, but continue and never let go, for it
is Allah talking to you and it is our reminder.

Remember, life is not guaranteed to us, but death is.

subhan Allah!!!

Ramadan 1431

Masha Allah! Another Ramadan has been bestowed upon me. I pray I am able to fast these thirty days and reap the spiritual benefits that come with this special month. Like last year, I will try to keep up a Ramadan Journal and post different insights and revelations I get throughout this wonderful month. May Allah (swt) bless me to complete this religious obligation with humility and devotion. Ameen.

Ahlan wa Sahlan Ya Ramadan!