About Me

In my eyes

I am a believing woman,
obedient to my Lord.

I am a strong woman,
confident in my choices.

In my eyes,

I am a tall woman,
forever reaching great heights.

I am a responsible woman,
I own up to my mistakes.

In my eyes,

I am a noble woman,
expectant of dignity and equality

I am a simple woman,
grateful for my good life

In my eyes,

I am a reliable woman,
I do what needs to be done.

I am an outstanding woman,
I aspire to achieve my goals.

In my eyes, 

I am a wise woman,
I use my knowledge with purpose.

I am a sensitive woman,
I sometimes cry, pout and fuss. 

In my eyes,

I am a cautious woman,
My trust must be earned

I  am a sensible woman,
I don't expect the universe.

In my eyes,

I am a nuturing woman,
full of love and compassion.

I am a righteous woman,
Faithful to my Creator.

In my eyes,

I am a social woman,
I love rolling with my sisterhood.

I am a free woman,
I own my life, my body and my mind.

In my eyes, 
I am a woman.

Copyright © 2010 SN Taylor, All Rights Reserved 

     I love to write. I write children's stories and book reviews of children's books. Check out my blog The Family-Ship Experience for picture and chapter books that engages, entertains and educates. 

     I also love to travel. My 15+ year teaching career has provided me with many opportunities to travel and work abroad. It was through my teaching that I came to love writing stories to encourage good morals and character in my students. 

     My love for writing, teaching and my mother's constant support, love and guidance has encouraged and motivated me to continue my education in the field of Early Childhood Education and pursue publication of my children's stories.

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