Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tutu took my ears!!

Kids are wonderful to play with. They are full of imagination and curiosity. Today, one of my many sweeties came up to me as I was sitting down resting in the shade (there were two other children using me as a recliner LOL) She looked at my head (covered with a scarf) and asked, "where are your ears?" There was another teacher, Tutu, not too far from me so I said, "Tutu took my ears, you have to go get them from her." So she runs over and askes for my ear. Of course Tutu has no clue what she's talking about, so I fill her in. she laughs. When the little one comes back to see my ears, I ask her if she got my ears back from Tutu, she said yes. I took her closed hands and place them in my scarf where my ears are. Then I pulled back the scarf so she couls finally see my ear. She laughed when she finally saw my ear. Me and Tutu got a good laugh as well.

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