Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolution: A Gentle Reminder.

Passing along a wonderful reminder from one of the many yahoo e-groups I belong to. Thank you to the member who posted it.


1st January 2010-New Years Resolution

Innal-Hamdalillah was-Salaatu was-Salaamu 'Alaa Rasoolillah As-Salaamu 'Alaikum wa-raHmatullahi wa-barakaatuh

So, here we are into 2010! Living in the "Western World", everyone is now greeting each other for an amazing and successful 2010 and the usual New Year Resolution thinking caps are on!... Hmmm... Interesting!

However, as Muslims, our thoughts must be to change our ways everyday, not just from the 1st of January because it is the start of the New Year, and hey, our Islamic New Year started a few weeks back by the way!!

We have to be focused daily on our prayers, our attitude, our Imaan and our goals.

Remember, the Prophet PBUH said:

When you stand up to pray, perform your prayer as if it were your last...' (Ahmad)

The whole purpose of Salah is to be ever conscious of Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of all things. Salah is indeed, one of the most comprehensive forms of Dhikr (Remembrance) . No wonder, Allah states in a hadith qudsi: "Out of all the ways through which My servant gets closer to Me, Salah is the dearest to Me." (Bukhari) It is unfortunate, therefore, that we do not always take full advantage of this gift.

Remind yourself that engaging in Prayer offers you an opportunity to release yourself from the tensions of this world. The Prophet PBUH has said that in Prayer was placed the comfort of his eyes. Therefore cherish the opportunity to remove the burdens of this world from your shoulders.

Use your Prayer to remain focused on your mission in life, which is to bring your entire being to serve only Allah.

Use your Prayer as a source of strength, inspiration and enthusiasm for your life and activities.

On each occasion that you recite the Sifat or attributes of Allah in ruku and sajda, consider how indebted you are and how grateful you should be to Allah and express your true emotions.

Utilise the occasion of sajda to make additional dua to Allah. The Prophet PBUH said: "A servant is nearest to his Lord when he is in sajda, so increase your supplication when in sajda." (Muslim.)
Remember, Salah is an obligation. Whether your heart is attentive or not, it must be performed. You cannot give up Prayer because to you it appears useless. There is punishment for a Prayer not performed satisfactorily. It will be a witness against you rather than a witness for you on the Day of Judgment. Don't give up the obligation but try to infuse it with the purpose it seeks to serve - remembrance of Allah. It is important to remember the saying of the Prophet (pbuh): "If a man performs two rakas of Salah without the distraction of any worldly thought, all his previous sins will be forgiven." (Bukhari.)

So remember, our new year resolution do not being just at the start of the year! We should be focused every day, and we really need to get our salahs [prayers] in order. So many text messages are still flying around stating "Send this to 10 people and see how your fate changes"... What? Absolute nonsense! These `chain'; text messages are an absolute waste of time, energy and money. Your condition won't change by sending text messages to 10 of your mates. Your condition can ONLY change if you are committed to the 5 times prayers, you engage in Zikr, you ask Allah (swt) for forgiveness, you give to the poor and needy and you keep you heart and intentions pure.

Take provision from the world because you are a traveller, your place in the world is a delusion but many Muslims today are immersed in these long hopes. And they are heedless of Allah swt. They continue in doing wrong deeds and this is wrong. There is no doubt that this path will lead to ruin. In the Qura'n it states, "On the Day when every soul will be confronted with all the good it has done, and all the evil it has done, it will wish there were a great distance between it and its evil. But Allah cautions you (To remember) Himself. And Allah is full of kindness to those that serve Him
Say: "If ye do love Allah, Follow me: Allah will love you and forgive you your sins: For Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." [al-Imran 3:30-31]

"Your days are spent in delusion and heedlessness.
Your nights are full of sleep.
You concern yourself with that which is temporary
And you find joy in this just as you do in your sleep as you dream."

Abdullah Ibn Umar who said: The messenger of Allah took me by the shoulder and said: "Be in the world as though you were a stranger or a wayfarer." Ibn Omar also used to say: "At evening don't expect [to live till] morning, and at morning do not expect [to live till] evening. Take from your health for your illness and from your life for your death."
[Related by Bukhari]

So, I pray Insha Allah everyone is focused on daily basis, not just because it is a new year, and that you start from the very basics, and that is to read your Daily prayers for this is the very 1st thing we are all accountable for!

Don't just read this email and take no action. Start from today, read your salah, make Dua after each salah that you can read your next salah and ask Allah swt; for you can not imagine what doors Allah swt can open for you....Allah swt is waiting for us to Ask Him...but only if we are good Muslims with pure clean hearts.!

And Allah swt knows best

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