Saturday, October 9, 2010

Prayerful Moments


Here is my prayerful moment.

It happened two years ago. I went to this muslim family retreat with some friends and their families. We were at a beautiful beach nestled near some mountains. I went alone as my two sisters were still in school. It was the beginning of winter and I did not think that the weather would be a problem. I had tons of fun, but on the last evening, we got a huge snow storm blown in on us for approximately two minutes. After that, the sun came out again. We thought nothing of it.

But when fajr arrived, it started to snow again. One of my friend's decided she would leave to prevent from being snowed in. I agreed with her. As soon as it was light enough to see, we packed our things and had to walk up a hill to get to our cars. During the night, about 1o-12 inches of snow had fallen. We got into our cars and left. I have never driven in snow and my car was not equipped to drive in snow. I had to not only drive up a steep hill, but the hill had a lot of curves and bends in the road. Mind you, it was early morning, no guard rails on the road to prevent a car from slipping off the side and we were no where near any type of emergency phone services. With a hill on one side of me and a steep drop with only trees to keep me from hitting the bottom of the hill.

I made dua, started my car and followed my friend, slowly, up the road. It was one of the most terrifying moments in my life. Even though I drove slow, the car still slipped a couple of times, but I could not stop completely because I was afraid the car would begin to slip backwards due to being on a steep hill. I remember praying and saying La ilaha illa allah, Subhan Allah, Allahu Akbar over and over again. It took us close to 20 minutes to get up the hill to the place where we were to return our cabin keys. When I finally got on to the main road and the snow soon disappeared, I began to cry and thank allah for getting me up that hill in all that snow.

During my two hour drive home, I had so much to be grateful for, my life, my family, my work, my hobbies, my friends, my health and all my memorable travels. The whole experience made me that more happy and blessed to be alive and for being a Muslim.

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