Monday, February 7, 2011

Bookaholic I Am!

I have been on a book binge these past few weeks. The problem is I work one minute's walking distance from a Barnes and Noble. :D While my paycheck does not allow for me to shop till I drop but they have bargain prices, sales ( I have a B&N rewards card) and publisher remainder sales that make buying often affordable for me. My latest adventure into B&N came as I waited for my younger sister to get out of class and pick me up from work. It was a late class so I had a good hour kill. There are a ton of eateries in the shopping center but I was not hungry so naturally I found myself surrounded by books. I started off in the science fiction section, found a few interesting titles but decided to pass since I had just finished reading a SciFi book. I wanted to explore other genres. So, I went down stairs to the bargain shelves and spent almost forty minutes picking up books only to find something more interesting. Now, I am a bit weird when it comes to shopping for books. I actually have way more fun book cover shopping (as in window shopping but with book covers instead) then actually buying a book and taking it home to read! But tonight was not the night for book cover shopping! I found some interesting non-fiction books that peaked my curiosity. The first book caught my eye when I entered the store. It is called, "The Complete Illustrated Guide to Herbs." Now, I got this book because I love knowing what different herbs are good for whether for cooking or healing purposes. I love how this book is compact but has really nice illustrations. You also get little tid-bits of historical facts about herbs and natural medicines.

The second book I got was, "Children's Amazing Places Encyclopedia." I am a sucker for great photograph and quick facts about geography. I love learning about new places, people and cultures. The photographs in this book are just breathtaking. With each turning page I say, "I want to visit here next," "This is my next destination!" or, "I'm adding this to my Bucket List of places to go before I die."

The third book was another reference book. I live in the NorthWest and there are a lot of Native American Cultures here. I recently went to a Pow Wow and was wowwed! So when I saw this book, I really wanted to get it and learn more about not only just the tribes in this area but Native American History as a whole. The Historical Atlas of Native Americans fit the bill.

Now, a trip to B&N would not be complete if I did not find at least one fiction tale to tickle my imagination. I have had my eyes on this book for a while. "Among the Mad," is detective novel and the main character is a female psychologist/detective. So I am really excited to get into this story

So there you have it. I am a bookaholic and I am proud of it!

Happy Reading!!

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