Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book Review: Mr. Monk is Miserable

I love to read. Comedy. Drama. Science Fiction. Mystery. Anything Atlantis related. I love to read. But the story has to be good! I hate romance novels or any novel in the above genres that have way to much sexual content. But I absolutely LOVE Mr Monk. It is partially true, books are much better than the movies that are made about them. The writer of Monk has done equal, hilarious justice to both! I began watching the show last year. Mr. Monk and his OCD's are hilarious, though I can't imagine working for him. But knowing some of his background you kind of get where his behaviors come from. Annoying as his OCD moments are, he nearly got himself killed in one episode because he refused to take a key from a lady's mouth because of her germs :D, they contribute to his ability to catch the one (or few) details that other detectives miss and always closes the case. Mr. Monk is Miserable is about his trip to Paris from the point of view of Natalie Teeger, his assistant. Mr Monk travels to Europe to chase down his therapist but finds murder cases along the way. To get a break, Natalie blackmails him into going to France where she hopes to have a long overdue mini vacation. It is amazing how many dead bodies drop at their feet before they even make it to the hotel! Poor Natalie! The body count climbs as they discover a plot that they can't seem to shake, no matter how much Natalie tries.

This novel was so fun to read. I could see the story unfold in front of me as I read as if I was watching the show. I could see and hear Monk's voice, his mannerisms, his quirky ticks and behaviors and most importantly his facial expressions, ranging from shock, horror, disgust, pride and happiness (while cleaning the streets of Paris.) There were so many funny, in a Monk kind of way, scenes that were purely hilarious. Another good thing I like about this book is that it proves 'sex' does not make a book great, funny or sellable. I definitely recommend this novel if you like comedy, adventure and a good detective mystery.


  1. I am so glad that you liked it! Thanks for the great review. I hope you'll give some of the other MONK books a try, too.


  2. Most definitely!! Lucky for me, I work near a Barnes & Noble bookstore :D