Monday, January 10, 2011

Chess: Game of Strategy and Forward Thinking

I visited my brother the other day and saw he had a chess game set up. Not sure if he were playing or not but it was out. I never understood the game. I used to watch it being played and actually had a elder try to teach me. I got fed up because of all the rules and concentration it required.

Chess is a mind game. It requires the player to strategically think out not only his own moves, but also try to predict his opponents move. While it is just a game, it seems like there are some benefits to playing it. I did a little reading about the game and found some really interesting information about the psychology of chess. Apparently playing chess has some benefits as well, like improving ones brain, increasing concentration, promoting good memory.

Not really sure if I will every try to learn how to play chess but I loved reading all about the sport, including its origins and history all the way up to modern day chess.

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