Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still Waters

The morning was gray. Rain-filled clouds hung over the city threatening to unleash their contents. An almost autumn like breeze pushed the seawater onto the docks with forceful ease. Despite the cool, calm and clearly efficient workers, the boat left a few minutes late. What started off as an average voyage turned to anything but that. A sudden gale blasted through the islands defenses and rocked the waters. Turbulent, violent and free, the waves crashed about, rocking the small vessel and her load. As sudden as the gusty winds appeared, they disappeared. Vanished in the cool crisp air, relinquishing their grip on the sea and the boat. Sailing, sailing she went on the calm open waters like a hot blade through butter. Not a splash or wave. Silent waters. Eerily quiet waters reflecting large gray clouds shutting out the day. Still waters; waiting for the coming storm.

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