Saturday, May 14, 2011

Web Picture of the week!

This photo of the Milky Way Galaxy has been feeding my muse for the past couple of days since I found it. What I find so amazing about is that it was produced by a amateur photographer, Nick Risinger, who spent an entire year photographing the night sky in various regions. It took him over 37,000 exposures to complete this beautiful masterpiece of our night sky. For someone like me who lives in a city where seeing a star in the night sky is rare, this photo reminds me of my early childhood when I could stare up at the night sky in awe at the sheer beauty and mystery of the universe. Forget counting sheep, I counted stars! ( I miss those days.) Check out Mr. Risinger's website, Photopic Sky Survey. An awesome feature of the website is you can actually zoom in on different areas of the picture (I mean reeeally zoom in) without losing the clarity of the photo. This picture will be feeding my muse for a long time!

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