Saturday, August 20, 2011

Five Things....

.... I got out of the taraweeh prayer last night.

1. Peace - It was such a peaceful prayer, no children running around playing making noise. I could concentrate on the prayer and listen to the Imaam as he recited the word of Allah (swt)
2. Security - Just hearing the words of Allah (swt) and being in the masjid with my family gave a sense of security and that Allah (swt) was with us and watching and protecting us with His angels.
3. Unity - I love praying with large groups of Muslims. You get to see old face and new, from a variety of cultures and countries but we all have one thing in common... Allahu Akbar, standing in rows praying to one creator, one Lord, one God, Allah (swt).
4. Nostalgia - Praying at the masjid brought back fond memories of going to do the taraweeh prayers with my mom and family when I was younger and also during my college years and study abroad.
5. Iman Boost - I felt so close to Allah (swt) as I stood in prayer. As it ended and we left, I could not help but feel excited about going again for the next taraweeh prayer insha Allah.

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  1. nice that you got so much out of prayer, especially peace. the whole need more of that.