Friday, August 19, 2011

Objectives of Fasting and Ramadan: SuhaibWebb (dot) com

Masha Allah, I have been finding lots of wonderful lectures and articles online. I feel like I just got an iman booster shot! :D So here is an article I read called, "The Objectives of Fasting and Ramadan." They start off with a hadith of the Prophet (saw) which states:
“Maybe a fasting person gains nothing from his fast except hunger and thirst. And maybe a person who prays in the night gains nothing from their prayer except staying up late.”

That made shivers go down my spine. I would hate that my fasting was nothing but hunger and I got no spiritual benefit from it. :( As I continued to read on, the article goes into just what the objectives of fast and Ramadan is. Yes we are fasting, abstaining from food, drinks, relations with spouces, etc, but there is so much more. The article focused on six objectives:

1. Attaining Taqwa
2. Fasting is a Shield
3. Fasting and Patience
4. Ramadan is the Month of Qur'an and Ibadah
5. Ramadan is the Month of Generosity
6. The Importance of Time

I highly recommend you read this article and increase your knowledge of what the objectives of fasting and Ramadan are and so that your fasting is not wasted on hunger and thirst.

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