Monday, September 7, 2009

Ramadan Mubarik! Day Fifteen!

Masha Allah! Today was quite a busy day (Sat. Yep, I'm a few days behind schedule here, it has been a busy few days Subhan Allah). I had to get up early to rent a car since I was going to Sammamish today for a fundraiser event. The event was to help raise money to buy a huge build to have a masjid, islamic center, dawah center and place to host other events at. Muslim communities are spending far too much in renting buildings to host events, dinners and fundraisers. That money can be better spent on buying our own place and then rented out to others, at least that is their plan insha Allah. The fundraiser was held at this huge church. It was mentioned that the reason they held it there was to show muslims that this is what we needed for ourselves and our children. The place was massive! It had large halls, a nursery room, another room for kids, a prayer hall, and some rooms on the other side of the building I didn't get to see, they also had their own huge kitchen! With a large building similar to that, there are so many opportunities for the community, so many ways to bring our community together and we can save money instead of always giving it to others. I had planned to help out and then sit for some of the lectures but it got very busy in the kitchen once we started plating the food. I think I was on my feet for a good two and a half hours. But I must say, as tiring as it was, it was a lot of fun! :) I did not get home till 11:30. I felt dead on my feet! LOL I took a little nap before getting little sis. Once we got home from picking her up, I started on Iftar for Sunday!

Dua: Oh Allah, make the believers successful in their hope and efforts to please you and unite under the one true religion, Al-Islam. Make us tender hearted to your words and followers of your Messenger (saw) and understanding and compassionate to each other.

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