Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Food, friends and a full moon :)

Ramadan Mubarik! Day fourteen!

Masha Allah, today was nice. Kids behaved well, yippee!! I think they are slowly getting used to the classroom, new friends and settling into our classroom routines. I was also a little excited about my dinner plans, iftar with the ladies!! I cooked a tamale casserole last night because I would not have the time to make it after work. Masha Allah, it came out nice. so, at 5:30 we picked up Sennie and she stayed at my place until time to leave. She made yummy stuffed noodles. When everything was done, we picked up sister Janice and went to Bellevue. It was a lovely evening, the air was cool, the moon was full, the sisters were lovely and the food was great. Everyone prayed together and then chowed downed on the good food and sisterhood. We stayed quite late, but it was fun. We dropped the sisters off at home and I am finally ready to rest! Alhamdulillah, Allah is good and merciful. I learn stuff everyday and I learn to appreciate what I have been blessed with, a home, family, good friends and sisterhood.

Dua: Oh Allah, have mercy on me, my family, my friends and the believers. Bless us with good families, homes and spouses. Protect us from the whispers of shaitan and keep us on the straight path and do not let us leave the deen. Ameen.

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