Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ramadan Mubarik! Day Twenty-Three!

Ramadan Mubarik!

It really is a blessed month! I have learned much, spent good time with friends, spent time reflecting and reading qur'an, it has been an effort reading more qur'an than usual, tv tends to take up a lot of time. Since i'm watching less tv, i'm reading more qur'an! I think I know what I will have to do when ramadan is over! (no, not get rid of the tv, just limit my time in front of it! :D) Today, I got up early then remembered it was Sunday! went back to sleep for a bit then got up to pray and work on my CDA files and getting things ready for Tuesday the 15th. I have an appointment with a cda representative who will check my work, interview me and give me a test of some sort and then another long wait to see if I get my cda. Insha Allah, I have everything together. Iftar was simple, as it should be but i'm in love with the new flavors of yogurt I have, boston cream pie, cherry pomegranate, raspberry cheesecake! yum!

Dua: Oh Allah, please grant me your blessings and open the doors of opportunity for me. Guide my feet and my desires to that which is right and do not let me slip into error. Ameen.

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