Sunday, August 9, 2009

One never knows too much....

I went to a 2-day intensive course put on by Thawr Institute. It was a comprehensive guide to Ramadan based on three of the four major mathahib, Hanifi, Maliki and Shafi'i. Since I could not participate in all three like I would have liked, I sat in the Hanifi section (it was the easiest and most comfortable to get to without a lot of moving around. I really learned a lot though I only went to one of the days (sat) It was all day and we learned about the inner dimensions of Ramadan, had three fiqh sessions and a talk about the Ramadan of the Scholars, Righteous and Saintly Elders (Group Session). I will be going to another Ramadan workshop next week insha Allah. One can never learn too much!

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