Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ramadan Mubarik! Day Two!

Masha Allah, today was a good day. For sahoor I had a grilled cheese sandwich! :D :D :D I woke up around 9:30 to my sister hustling about getting ready. Finally, my sis asked, "are you going?" I finally wake up completely realizing that i was late! We were going to Mama's grave to plant flowers and read Qur'an. It was a really nice day too. While working on the grave, we played a Qur'an CD. It was quite calming. Kept making duas for mama as I worked. Once the grave was cleared of weeds and old rocks, I sat down to read Qur'an as my sisters continued to lay down the flowers and new rocks. It was quite a pain picking out all the old rocks, so this time (genius that I am), suggested we put down a trash bag first then layer the rocks on top of it, that way when it is time to take them up, all we have to do is lift the bag! :D So, we left around 1:30, got home around 2:30, I prayed and crashed! Later I got up to only find that one of my articles may not get down because the subject of my article is too busy :( I think I will have to try to find another:( No worries insha Allah. For Iftar, I had juice and dates then prayed. My chicken was still frozen so we went to Safeway. Came home and the had some cantaloup and hot dogs :D Insha Allah, will have my chicken a little later. Masha Allah, what a beautiful day :)

Dua: Allah, please have mercy on my mom, forgive her for her sins, allow her good deeds to prosper her and grant her Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen


  1. I forwarded your inquiry to Sister Janice. How should she respond to you? Can you send an email address to me? aishah.schwartz AT

  2. she can respond to me at: Thank you so much :)