Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Transitions all over again!

One of the toughest moments in the year are transitions! Once again, I'm getting new children into my classroom. New room, new environment, new routines, new rules, and new people are some of the few things that young children have to deal with when transitioning to a new classroom or childcare center. It is really stressful on them and it can be hard on the children already in the classroom due to the constant crying of the new children. A lot of care, attention, and time has to be given to the new child/children by at least one of the teachers to help them get acquainted with their new environment. This leaves the other teacher to sometimes (most of the time) shoulder much of the rest of the classroom and duties. Hard, stressful and exhausting can hardly describe how I feel at the end of the day during transition week. It's a good thing God made children so adorable, sweet and loving, I forget all the hardships of the previous day as I enter and see their wonderful faces every morning! :)

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