Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ramadan Mubarik! Day Eight!

Ramadan Mubarik!

Once again, i'm a day late but hardly a dollar short! :D I really enjoyed today. It was calm and relaxing. I got some reading done which was very uplifting. I worked on an article for Iqra Newspaper. Towards the end of the day we got ready to go to the Islamic House for Iftar. It was really nice, we got there a little early to help out. Naeem was on his best behavior, hopefully they are beginning to recognize that Naeem is harmless despite his quirky ways and behaviors, hehehe. We came home after Isha prayers. We could have stayed for Taraweeh, but I was worried Naeem would not be able to last that long, already we had been there like three hours. But Alhamdulillah, it was a nice evening with muslim sisters, good food and congregational prayers. I love the peace and unity Ramadan brings :)

Dua: Oh Allah, keep the believers strong and united as one Ummah!

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